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Excellent Quality New-Med Nano Transfer Set With 5 Extra Single Use Cartridges and 3 Anaerobic Transfers 1.2mm 1.4mm and 2.4mm !
NanoFat Transfer Set
Fat transfer techniques have been used for volume enhancement and otherliposuction related procedures for quite some time now. Transferring of the,lipo aspirate or „macro fat“, has given good results, but more recently,scientists came up with the idea of modifying the technique in order to get thehigher quality fat tissue for transferring during various liposuctionprocedures.
First step towards this enhancement was the grafting of “microfat”, orsampling of the lipoaspirate using a small-hole, multiport cannula. After this,the microfat was further processed through filtering and emulsification. Theresult was the, so called, “nanofat”, a lipoaspirate with great characteristicsand an enlarged number of stromal vascular cells.
Within oursupreme offer of liposuction equipment, a special place is reserved for thepremium Nano Fat TransferSet. At New-Med, we are proud of the fact that we are up to date withall the modern FatTransfer Equipment that emerges in modern medicine. Our line of productsand their quality, always keep up, anticipate and often lead the industry, whenit comes to new technologies.
Fat Transfer Instruments
The New-MedInstruments’ Nano Transfer Set, in its basic form, comes with one Nano TransferHousing Case, three anaerobic luer-to-luer transfers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 2.4mm)and five cartridges. The device is successfully used during, nano fat transferprocedures, for harvesting the adipose tissue and injecting it, using 27g and30g needles. It is a full fattransfer set, with additional cartridges being available in 10, 20, and50 pieces, packaging.
<h2>The Application of Nano Fat Transfer Equipment
At New-MedInstruments we strive towards creating highest quality products for ourclients. Our Nano FatTransfer Set is no exception from this rule. Precision and efficiencyare important for proper clinical application of this device as well for theachievement of optimal results.
New-Med, fat transfer instrumentshave performed without any side effects, such as infections or fat cysts, beingrecorded. Their clinical application provided great post-procedure results, inlipofilling, scar tissue repairing, dark lower eyelids treatment, and overallskin rejuvenation.
Aside from thecartridges, all other parts of the New-Med Instruments’ Nano Fat Transfer Set can be fullysterilized and reused. Like all our products, this instrument is manufacturedusing highest quality materials and following strict company standards. Thereliability and durability of New-Med Fat Transfer Equipment allows for a long-lastinguse in a number of liposuction procedures. 

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