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Breast Reduction Surgical Instrument Set

1   Scalpel Handle, #7
1.  Jabeley Scissors, 13cm, Curved - Sharp/Sharp
1   Metzenbaum Scissors, 20cm, Curved - Standard Pattern
1   Metzenbaum Scissors, 20cm, Straight - Standard Pattern
1.    Micro Adson Forceps, 12cm, 1x2 Teeth - 0.8mm Tips
1.    Gruenwald Nasal Bayonet Forceps, 19.5cm, Serrated Tips
1    Baby Crile Wood Needle Holder, 15cm
1.    Baby Crile Wood T.C. Needle Holder, 15cm
1    "Gold Tip" Supercut Scissors, 20cm, Curved, Slight Bevel On Shank
1.    Solz "Gold Tip" Supercut Scissors, 20cm, Curved, Strong Bevel On Shank
1   Farabeuf Baby Retractors, 12cm, Double Ended, Set Of 2
1    Langenbeck Kocher Retractor #13, 15mm Wide X 80mm Deep, 21cm
1.    Atraumatic Breast Dissector, 34cm
1.    Breast Hook Dissector, Curved to Left 36cm
1    Breast Hook Dissector, Curved to Right 36cm
1    Areola Marker, Blunt, 36mm Diameter 
1    Areola Marker, Blunt, 40mm Diameter 
1    Areola Marker, Blunt, 42mm Diameter 
1    Areola Marker, Blunt, 45mm Diameter 
21.    Marx Breast Retractor, 27cm, 125 X 30mm
22.    Round Bowl For Solutions/Marking Color, 60x30mm, 60cc

This Set Contains All The Above Mentioned Instruments Packed In High Quality Stainless Steel Sterilizing Box All These Instruments Are Made of J2 French Stianless Steel..

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