New Med Instruments is manufacturing Complete Kits for Special Procedures of Breast Surgeries, We produce Breast Surgery Sets like Mammaplasty Set, Breast Reduction set, Tebbetts Breast Procedure Set, Breast Augmentation instruments Set, Instruments for Breast Surgery, Bostwick Breast Surery Set
All instruments Sets comes packed in stainless steel box individually, Each instrument in the set is made of German Steel comes with Life Time Warranty   

Bostwick Breast Procedure Set,
Bostwick Breast Surgery Set ! All instruments are made of High Grade Stainless Steel ! Packed in Sta..
Breast Augmentation Instrument Set, Stainless Steel
High Quality Breast Augmentation Instrument Set  Consist of Following Instruments Made of Germa..
Breast Reduction Set
Breast Reduction Surgical Instrument Set1   Scalpel Handle, #71.  Jabeley Scissors, 13cm, ..
Mammoplasty Instruments Set
Exceptional Quality MAMMOPLASTY SET Packed in Stainless Steel Box ! Life Time Warranty Period ! Cons..
Tebbetts Breast Procedure Set (Reusable Breast Surgery Set)
Tebbetts Breast Procedure Set Specially Instruments used by John B. Tebbetts, M.D of Dallas, Texas &..
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