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New Med is a brand of plasticsurgery medical supplies, well-known to every experienced medicalprofessional. We have been manufacturing Plastic Surgery Equipment of exceptional qualityfor more than ten years. Our instruments are ordered by the best Plastic Surgery clinics in Europe, Asia, and the USA. We never try to save when itcomes to purchasing materials, that’s why we use only top-quality Germanstainless steel. All our Plastic Surgery Tools are made in compliance with International standards andmeet all the requirements of modern surgery. They are reusable and come withlifetime warranty. Owing to high durability of steel, you can sterilize them asmuch as you want.

Impeccable quality of cosmeticsurgery instruments

Most likely, you have seen the results of plastic surgeons’ work manytimes. And, perhaps, you haven’t even thought what usually stands behind highprofessionalism of a surgeon. An excellent professional is required to have theprofound medical knowledge, many hours of practice and ongoing professionaldevelopment. Any patient will use the services of an experienced surgeon withoutfear. However, there is one more integral part of a successful surgery -high-quality instruments.
Our clients are purchasing managers and doctors from aesthetic medicalclinics. We are proud that, with the help of our products, they can give a newlook to their patients every day. If you look for a reliable supplier, we areat your service. Here, you can purchase the following plastic surgery instruments sets as well asindividual instruments for your clinic:
·        Facelift instruments;
·        Rhinoplasty instruments;
·        Breast surgery instruments;
·        ENT instruments;
·        Abdominoplasty instruments;
·        Microsurgeryinstruments and many others.

In our catalog, you can find all the instruments we have for sale. Incase some items are out of stock, we will make surgery instruments according toyour order. The waiting period is 1-4 weeks, and the instruments are totallyworth the wait since they will serve you a lifetime.

Plasticsurgery medical supplies from amanufacturer

Nowadays, talented plastic surgeons become real celebrities in the USAand Europe. Many popular actors and models stand in line for an appointmentwith them. However, only colleagues can understand the difficulties andchallenges surgeons face every day. To provide their patients with the expectedresults and safety, top-grade surgery instruments is one of the non-negotiablerequirements. We manufacture plasticsurgery equipment in compliance with ISO and CE standards. Most toolshave a simple construction and don’t require knowledge of additional tricks toget them prepared for surgery.
All our plastic surgery tools havethe following characteristics:

- Durability and strength of assembly parts. To fully concentrate onthe process of work, you need to be sure of the quality of every detail. Ourproducts withstand high loads and keep confirming their strength and qualityyear by year.
- Ergonomics. A surgery can last several hours. Thus, it is importantfor an instrument to be light and convenient in use. All New Med products areefficient and easy to use.
- Wear-resistant. Sterilityis an absolute rule in a surgery room, and no compromises are allowed in it.Frequent sterilization can shorten the life of tools. We solved this problem.Now you can save a significant part of the budget of your plastic surgeryclinic. We manufacture Plastic Surgery Instruments from durable medical steel, resistant to chemical andmechanical stress.
In New Med Plastic Surgery Instruments Category, you will find quality instruments for Plastic surgeons. You canmake retail and wholesale purchases. If you have questions, please contact usby phone (+92) 334 650 23 33, orsend us an email at