A supreme range of liposuction instruments & Fat Transfer Equipment from New-Med Instruments

New-Med Instruments is a company which specializes in supplying top-quality medical instruments and accessories. We are proud of the wide range of high quality products which are a part of our offer, and liposuction instruments and Fat Transfer Equipment are certainly not an exception. For this reason, New-Med Instruments is positioned at the very top of the industry among leading liposuction instruments suppliers.

As it is the case with all surgical procedures, surgeons’ experience and skills go hand in hand with the availability and use of quality surgical tools. Also, proper application of these surgical tools requires the use of various reusable and disposable accessories. For liposuction procedures, New-Med Instruments offers a variety of highly reliable and quality liposuction accessories. Liposuction is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed with an aim to achieve modifications and shape alterations of the treated area of the body. Aside from the aesthetic value of the procedure, safety is also a significant concern for manufacturers as much as it is for the doctors and patients.

Premium liposuction instruments & Fat Transfer suppliers

Instruments and tools used during liposuction treatments are expected to provide the best performance in terms of precision, maneuverability, handling, and reliability. New-Med liposuction instrument sets provide all that and more.  As a premium liposuction instruments manufacturer, we also offer a full range of accessories for Fat Transfer Equipment. Our current offer includes:

·         Syringes with syringe locks, springs, and holders
·         Connectors ( cannula, syringe and luer-to-luer)
·         Liposuction handles With Tubing Connection
·         Syringe Caps, Syringe Rack and Holding Stands
·         Liposuction trocars
·         Cannulae and a cannula cleaning stylet
·         Fat transfer adapters
·         Fat Injectors (10, 20 and 60cc)
·         Sterilizing trays

For all medical professionals who are in need of well-built liposuction accessories with great value, New-Med Instruments is the number one place to look. Our company lists the most comprehensive offers currently available online. The excellence of our products is guaranteed as we are a distinguished liposuction instruments & Fat Transfer Equipment supplier, and when it comes to sales and clients’ satisfaction, we are a one-stop-shop, ready to meet all professional needs of medical professionals, companies, and organizations.
By effectively following the finest production standards in the industry, New-Med Instruments has become recognized as one of the leading liposuction instruments manufacturers. All our liposuction instrument sets and accessories are made from the highest quality materials to ensure superior reliability and durability for a life-long warranty.  A complete range of New-Med instruments is available for sale online at our official website.

60cc TOOMEY Connector to Luer Lock Syringe OR Lure Lock Cannula
Exceptional Quality Toomey Light Weight Aluminium Connector To Lure Lock Syringe OR Lure Lock Cannul..
Adaptor with LUER-LOCK connection ( Interchange Adapter, 5 cm )
Interchangeable Adaptor with LUER-LOCK connection 5CM STAINLESS STEEL Made of J2 G..
Aluminium Light Weight Special Handle for Luer Lock Cannula, ( Reusable, Autoclavable )
Exceptional Quality Blue Color Aluminium Light Weight Handle for Luer Lock Cannula With Luer Lock Fi..
Disposable Syringe For Cannula 50ML
 sterile Disposable plastic syringe for cannula with connector, individually packaged, ..
Fat Injection Gun for 60cc Syringe ( 60cc Power Injector )
Exceptional Quality NewMed Power Injector Fat Injection Gun for 60cc Syringes Packed in Plastic &nbs..
Female Luer Lock Metal Connector
Female to Female Luer Lock Connector   All Size Connectors are Avai..
Gasparotti Liposuction Handle With Thumb Rest
Gasparotti Handle For Liposuction Cannula With Thumb Rest ..
Holding Device for Syringes
Exceptional Quality Holding Device for Syringes during usage after collecting fat.....
Liposuction Cannula Handle with Interrupting Hole For Threaded ( standard Fitting ) Reusable !
Exceptional Quality Handle with connection thread ditto with hole, for interruption of suction Ø ..
Liposuction Cannula Handle without hole ( Standard Threaded Fitting Reusable Handle )
Excellent Quality Handle with connection thread for cannulas and hose connection Ø 13 mm ..
Liposuction Trocar, Reusable, Aluminium
Exceptional Quality Liposuction Trocar Made of Aluminium handle and german stainless steel Shaft ! R..
Luer Lock Fat Transfer Adapter For Luer Lock Syringes - Stainless Steel
New and Latest Pattern of Luer Lock Fat Transfer Adapter For Luer Lock Syringes Syringes..
Luer Lock Fitting Handle Set 3, Klein Aspiration Handle
Klein Aspiration Luer Lock Handle With Hole Set of 3 PcsDimensions: 5.5" length x .75" diameter.luer..
Luer Lock Handle for Luer Lock Cannula, 5.5"x.75" Dia ( Reusable )
Klein Aspiration Handle With Hole For Luer Lock Cannula, Lure Lock Fitting Dim..
Luer to Luer Metal Connector
Luer To Luer Lock Connector   Reusable !! All Size Connecto..
Luer-Lock Syringe Tip Cap
Luer Lock Syringe Tip Cap   Made of J2 German Stainless Steel ..
Nano Transfer Set With 3 Anaerobic Fat Transfer Adapters and 5 Extra Cartridges (Reusable)
Excellent Quality New-Med Nano Transfer Set With 5 Extra Single Use Cartridges and 3 Anaerobic Trans..
NewMed Anaerobic Fat Transfers Adapters - Reusable
Excellent Quality NewMed Anaerobic transfers are used to prepare and transfer extracted tissue for f..
NewMed Crown Adapter For Syringes
A tiny device with a huge impact - NewMed Crowns change the centrifuge game. The Crown is designed t..
NewMed Power Injector, ( Fat Injection Gun For 10 and 20cc Syringe )
Extremely High Quality NewMed Power Injector Fat Injection Gun Packed in Plastic Box With extra syri..
Portless V-Dissector Cannula 9CM Length 1.6MM Diameter (Reusable)
High Quality Portless V-Dissector is a specialized tool that is used to prepare dense and fibrous ti..
Spring for syringes
Stainless Steel Spring for syringes..
Stainless Steel Mesh Sterilization Tray
Exceptional Quality Stainless Steel Mesh Sterilization Tray Designed to contain a wide variety of in..
Stainless Steel Sterilizing Tray For Surgical Instruments
Exceptional Quality Stainless Steel Sterilizing Stray For Surgical Instruments, Autoclavable Tray, A..
Stylet for cleaning of liposuction cannula
Stylet for cleaning of liposuction cannula..
Syringe Holding Device
Exceptional Quality Syringe Holding Device For a safe storage of Luer-Lock syringes containing ..
Syringe Holding Rack With multiple holes and place for all Size of syringes
Exceptional Quality Universal Exceptional Quality Syringe Holding Rack With multiple holes and place..
Syringe Snapper Stop Lock For Syringes ( Syringe Stopper - Syringe Lock) Reusable - Autoclavable
Exceptional Quality snapper lock fits into the plunger flanges of a 10cc syringe and is used..
Transfer Adapter for Luer Lock Syringes
Transfer adaptor for Luer Lock syringes Made of J2 German Stainless Steel ..
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