Fat Transfer Cannula - Fat Harvesting and Injecting Cannula
At New Med Instruments, we are dedicated to excellence. The loyalty of our customers and the benefit of their patients are never put to the test. We deliver products that are finely crafted with care. The use of modern technologies in the manufacturing process is complemented with the best materials. The results are medical instruments of the highest quality. A wide range of medical equipment, supplies, tools, and instruments is always expanding to allow meeting the needs of our clients and to follow the advances in medical science and emerging surgical techniques.
As a part of our range of products for plastic surgery, we offer an array of fat injection cannula. These are very reliable, high-quality instruments used for re-injecting fat during liposuction procedures. We also offer fat harvesting cannula, for grafting fat samples. All cannulae are carefully shaped to ensure simple and reliable application in different areas of the body.
A Selection of Fat Injection Cannula
New Med Instruments’ cannulas for fat injections are the instruments of choice for delicate liposuction procedures. With the proper applications, these cannulae will deliver highly satisfying results and enable the best possible harnessing of the fat as a resource in plastic surgery.
The following is an insight into our superb offer:
● Breast Injection Cannula
● Buttocks Injection Cannula
● Face injection Cannula
● Fat Injector Cannula, with one hole (blunt tip)
● Micro Injector Cannula
● Spoon Tip Fat Injector Cannula
● Superficial Fat Injector, with five graduated holes
Additionally, we have available a set of ten, single-use injection cannula, and fat injection gun for a 60 cc syringe as well as 10-20cc Syringe. Micro fat transfer cannula is also available.
Premium Range of Fat Harvesting Cannula
We market a premium range of cannula for fat harvesting during liposuction. Designed with care, and made from high-quality materials, these cannulae are the best choice for precise fat grafting and fat harvesting procedures. The following instruments are a part of our comprehensive line:
● Capistrano Micro Cannula for Fat Harvesting
● Goisis Harvester Cannula With Six Ports
● Khouri Fat Harvester Cannula With Twelve Holes
● Trivisonno Micro Harvester Cannula
All New Med Instruments cannulas for fat injection, fat transfer, and re-injection are made of Premium German Grade Stainless Steel. They can be fully sterilized and are, therefore, completely reusable. New Med Instruments is confident about the characteristics and the performance of our products. We offer a lifetime warranty and guarantee a full customer satisfaction.
Blunt Oval Shape Fat Injector Cannula with one Hole
Made of German Stainless Steel ! Reusable !!Excellent Quality New Med Small Oval Injector Round..
Breast Injection Cannula
Exceptional Quality Breast Injection Cannula..
Buttocks Injection Cannula
High Quality Fat Injection Cannula For Buttocks !..
Capistrano style cannula have a relatively large rectangular opening at the tip with multiple rou..
Box of 10. Sterile - Single Use...
Fat Injection Cannula for Face
High Quality Fat Injection Cannula for Face..
Fat Injection Gun for 60cc Syringe ( 60cc Power Injector )
Exceptional Quality NewMed Power Injector Fat Injection Gun for 60cc Syringes Packed in Plastic &nbs..
Finesse Micro Fat Transfer cannula
High Quality Finesse style cannula have two rectangular shaped holes on the one face, and an oblique..
Goisis Harvester Cannula With six beveled-edge ports 2.1mmx10cm (Reusable)
Exceptional Quality Goisis Harvester Cannula Size 2.1mmx10cm A Newly Designed sophisticated, pr..
Khouri Fat Harvester Cannula, 12 Holes,
Extremely High Quality Khouri Fat Transfer Cannula The original 12-hole Harvesting Cannula designed ..
Single use 14GA Triport Harvester cannula Size: 2.11mm X 15cm Pack of 10 Pcs
Good quality Lure Lock Single use 14GA Triport Harvester cannula Size: 2.11mm X 15cm..
Small Round Little Injector Micro Cannula
Made of German Stainless Steel ! Reusable !!Excellent Quality New Med Small Round Lil Injector ..
Spoon Shape Fat Injector Cannula, Spoon Tip Injector
Made of German Stainless steel ! Reusable !New Med Spoon Tip Injector ! This tip works well for..
Tonnard Superficial Injector, Blunt Superficial Injector with 5 Graduated Holes
Made of German Stainless Steel ! Reusable !Tonnard Superficial Injector, New Med Tonnard Injector&nb..
Trivisonno Micro Harvester Cannula, 2.1mm x 20cm ( Reusable)
Exceptional Quality Trivisonno Micro Harvester, Newly and Specifically designed for selective and sa..
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