Suction Tubes from New-Med Instruments
The knowledge and skill of surgeons and other medical professionals are most important for a successful outcome of any surgical procedure. However,great results can hardly be expected if other, very important, conditions are not met. The use of adequate instruments and proper supplies greatly contributes to the creation of such conditions.
At New-Med Instruments, we believe in setting the highest standards whenit comes to medical equipment, tools, instruments, and supplies quality. Onlythe best equipment can provide the surgeons with conditions good enough toresult in highest quality post-operative outcomes. New-Med Instruments isdedicated in providing our clients with only the best and most reliable tools,ensuring appropriate support for their skills inside the operating room.
A part of our premium offer of medical tools and instruments are the suction tubes. These instruments have found their application in all types ofsurgery and other branches of medicine as well. New-Med Instruments is proud tosupply its clients with a superior range of high-quality suction tips and tubes.
A Fine Range of Suction Tubes
A variety of suction tubes is available in our catalogue, with their intended use ranging from dentistry and otorhino laryngology to liposuction.New-Med Instruments offers the Adson Suction Tube, Antrum Curved Suction Tube, and the Frazier Suction Tube. The 30cm long, stainless steel Yankauer Suction Tube is also available.
These extremely reliable suction tubes are designed to provide assistance with liquid removal during a variety of surgical interventions and other medical procedures. 
The high quality, stainless steel Trocar Guide for liposuction and theDental Aspirating syringe are also a part of this offer.
Our Offer of Suction Tips
The suction tube tips enable the use of suction tubes in different conditions and during different surgical procedures. Their design plays an important role in enabling their application. Suction tips can be straight or curved, flat or round, and their width varies as well.
In our offer we also include the Daniel Endoscopic Forehead Suction Elevator and the Scalp Suction Elevator with a wide tip.
As all of New-Med Instruments medical tools and supplies, the suction tubes we market are of the highest quality. They are made of the best German surgical steel which makes them resistant to corrosion and rust. They are also reusable and can be sterilized for a long-term use. Our suction tubes are truly reliable and long-lasting medical tools made for highest performance.
Adson Suction Tube, 4mm Dia, 12.5cm - Stainless Steel
Exceptional Quality Adson Suction Tube 4mm Diameter 12.5cm Overall Length Made of German Stainless S..
Antrum Suction Tube, Curved, 5.6" Length, Reusable Stainless Steel
Exceptional Quality Antrum Suction Tube, Used for Fess and Sinuscopy Surgery, Made of German Stainle..
Daniel Endoscopic Forehead Suction Elevator, Quarter Curved, 9-1/4" 23.5 cm
Daniel Endoscopic Forehead Suction Elevator, Quarter Curved, 9-1/4" 23.5 cmStainless Steel. Quart..
Dental Aspirating Syringe
Dental Anesthetic Syringe High Quality dental anesthetic delivery system. The syringe handle and thu..
Frazier Suction Tubes 18CM 7"
Frazier Suction Tubes Stainless Steel. General purpose suction tubes...
Portal OtoRhinoLaryngology, 18cm, Stainless Steel
Exceptional Quality Portal OtoRhinoLaryngology Made of High Grade Stainless Steel Suction Tube&..
Scalp Suction Elevator, 24cm 7mm Wide Tip, Slightly Curved
Exceptional Quality Scalp Suction Elevator, 24cm 7mm Wide Tip, Slightly Curved..
Trocar Guide for Liposuction, 20cm overall length Stainless Steel
Exceptional Quality Trocar Guide for Liposuction, 20cm overall length Made of German Stainless ..
Yankauer Suction Tubes, Stainless Steel, 11-3/4'' 30 cm
Stainless Steel. General purpose suction tubes...
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