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Features of Gorney-Freeman Facelift Scissors from New-Med Instruments

The Gorney-Freeman Facelift Scissors Set includes:

·         19CM     Gorney Freeman TC FaceLift Scissors – 1 item
·         17CM     Gorney Freeman TC FaceLift Scissors – 1 item
·         23CM     Gorney Freeman TC FaceLift Scissors – 1 item

It’s time to bring your cosmetic surgeries to a new level with Gorney Facelift Scissors of outstanding quality. Their role in performing corrective facial procedures cannot be overestimated. New-Med realizes the importance of precisely made tips, blades, and edges. That is why our instruments are made of tungsten carbide and heavy pattern that turns them into the perfect tools for face lifting purposes. The scissors of this type are commonly used for as precise and quick dissection as possible. They enable doctors to make surgical cuts and pass through tissues of the neck or face with ease. Thus, Gorney-Freeman Facelift Scissors are must-haves when performing rhytidectomy and a myriad of other cosmetic procedures.

The instrument is designed to reduce hand fatigue during a long-lasting surgery. Owing to open shanks and flat-ended tips, scissors can be used to facilitate dissection and cut delicate as well as heavy tissues smoothly. Their curved design significantly contributes to the control of contours so that a surgeon can reach the desired results effectively. Gorney Facelift Scissors are also known for their serrated blades that allow for passing through tissues of various types with less resistance.

Another feature of these scissors is the ergonomic design. It provides surgeons with maximum comfort while combining ideal balance and weight. Plus, the instrument impresses with its sharpness and durability. It is crafted to add to the surgical performance and facilitate facelifting procedures for many years.
Apart from preventing fatigue, rings of our tungsten carbide scissors are also capable of pleasing the eye. They are made in gold-like colors for easier identification.

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