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Chin Augmentation Set (Walter Set) All Instruments are made of German stainless Steel ! This set comes packed in stainless steel box !

01.   Scalpel Handle, #3 Standard                                    1
02.   Micro Iris Scissors, 9cm, Curved - Delicate               1
03.   Baby Metzenbaum T.C. Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved       1
04.   Metzenbaum T.C. Scissors, 14cm, Curved                  1
05.   Collier Needle Holder, 13cm                                     1
06.   Neivert T.C. Needle Holder, 12.5cm, Smooth             1
07.   Halsted Mosquito Forceps, 12.5cm, Curved                1
08.   Joseph Skin Hook, Double Prong, Sharp, 16cm, 7mm Wide    1
09.   Walter Bone Elevator, 14.5cm, 8mm, Curved                1
10.   Walter Raspatory, 14.5cm, 8mm, Curved                        1
11.   Walter Alar And Nasal Retractor With Fiber Optic Illumination, 18.5cm        1
12.   Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor, 13.5cm, Double Ended, Sharp, 42x7mm       1 
13.   Aufricht Walter Nasal Retractor, 13.5cm, Double Ended, Blunt, 38x7mm        1

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