Electrosurgery Instruments (Bipolar & Monopolar Forceps / Cables)
New Med Instruments is a renowned name in the business of manufacturing medical equipment, devices, supplies, and instruments. We constantly strive towards increasing the quality of our products and the overall satisfaction of our clients. We are proud of the fact that we are constantly receiving positive and constructive feedback from our loyal customers.
A Line of Electrosurgery Equipment
Our premium line of electrosurgery equipment is certainly not an exception from our high manufacturing standards. We are marketing a catalog of high-quality electrosurgery instruments and equipment. The application of our electrosurgical devices covers a wide range of surgical procedures.Our premium offer of instruments and devices for Electrosurgery contains:
● Bipolar Forceps
● Monopolar Forceps
● Bipolar Cables
● Monopolar Cables
A Quality Offer of Reusable and Disposable Bipolar Forceps
This a truly remarkable offer of reusable and disposable bipolar forceps which are intended to be used in a variety of electrosurgical procedures. Their design enables reliable and easy handling for precise manipulation of even the most delicate tissue. The offer includes Adson Bipolar Forceps, Jewelers Bipolar Forceps, Potts Smith Bipolar Forceps, Rhoton Bipolar Forceps, and Semking Bipolar Forceps.High quality delicate disposable tips are also available.
A Superb Selection of Highest Materials for Electrosurgical Devices
All the instruments found in this comprehensive offer, except for instrument tips, are made of hardened stainless steel. This material allows a long-lasting use and enables greater feedback and tension. The instruments are protected with the high-quality insulation which makes them resistant to abrasive cleaning agents and provides great electrical reliability. The tips of the instruments are made of noble metals, such as the solid silver alloy. The use of these materials enables high–precision shaping, during the manufacturing process and durability. For use in surgical procedures, solid silver alloy tips are extremely reliable because they do not wear off, they do not stick the tissue, and they have excellent thermal conductivity.All these features give our electrosurgery instruments the ability to achieve precise coagulation and reduce hot spots.New Med Instruments guarantees the highest quality and performance of all our electrosurgical devices. We are confident of our exceptional standards in medical instruments manufacturing. The ever-growing number of clients gives us the stimulation to keep improving and stay among the industry’s leaders.