See A Wide Range of Rhinoplasty Knives

Ballenger swivel knife, Stainless Steel, 7-1/2" 19 cm,
Exceptional Quality Stainless Steel. Used for trimming septal cartilage. Ballenger swivel knife..
Bruening septum knife - adjustable
Bruening septum knife 16cm: adjustable ..
Curved Converse Rhinoplasty Knife 15cm
Converse Rhinoplasty Knife 15 CM    ..
Fomon Rhinoplasty knife
Fomon double edged knife curved ..
Freer Ingals submucosa knife, Stainless Steel 17cm
Freer Ingals submucosa knife 17CM Stainless Steel ! ..
Freer Septum Mucosa Knife, 16.5cm, "D" Knife
Stainless Steel. For making cuts in nasal cartilage or cutting nasal mucosa. “D” Knife. ..
Freer septum/ mucosa knife Stainless Steel, 18cm
Freer septum/ mucosa knife 18CM German Stainless Steel..
Joseph Double Edged Knife, 15cm, Curved, Sharp Tip
Joseph Double Edged Knife  15 CM Straight ..
Joseph Nasal Button End Knife, 16cm, Angled
Joseph Button End Knife 16 CM  Angled ..
Joseph Nasal Knife, 15cm, Straight
Joseph Nasal Knife  15 CM Straight ..
Maltz cartilage knife with blade guard - angled, 16cm
Maltz cartilage knife with blade guard - angled, 16cm ..
Masing cartilage knife 13cm: curved blade
Masing cartilage knife 13cm: curved blade ..
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