Breast Surgery Instruments

New-Med Instruments is a medical supplies manufacturer, dedicated to making finest quality products and keeping our customers fully satisfied. We believe that by offering only the best services and products, we can also attract the best clients.
Medical professionals who choose to put their trust in New-Med Instruments can rest assured that their choice is going to be rewarded with exceptional quality.
A part of our extraordinary portfolio of medical instruments, tools, and supplies is a premium range of Breast Surgery Instruments.
A Premium Offer of Breast Instruments
The New-Med Instruments’ catalogue of breast surgery tools, classifies breast instruments in two major categories:
·         Areola markers
·         Breast Retractors and Dissectors

In our range of areola markers, we have available: Areola markers available separately in various diameters (36 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, 45 mm), set of 4 areola markers with a solution bowl, Freeman Areola Marker, Freeman Double-Ended Areola Marker, Galvao Nipple Marker, Grossman, four-ring, Areola Marker, and McKissock Keyhole Breast Reduction Marker
Supreme Breast Surgery Instrument Sets

All surgical procedures require experience, knowledge and expertise of surgeons and their respected teams. The primary aim of all these operations is the well-being of the patient. But, when it comes to breast surgery, aesthetic values are very important too.
For great, post-operative, aesthetic results, precision is the key. New-Med Instruments’ surgical tools are built for precision and reliability, providing surgeons with the necessary level of assistance, for superb post-operative results.
Our offer of instrument sets for breast surgery, features: Bostwick Brest Procedure Set, Breast Augmentation Instrument Set, Breast Reduction Set, Mammoplasty Instruments Set, and Tebbetts Breast Procedure Set.
All sets are fully equipped with a comprehensive range of high-quality surgical instruments, necessary for complete breast surgery procedures such as: breast reduction, breast augmentation, mammoplasty, etc. The sets include the following and more:
·         Scissors
·         Scalpels
·         Forceps
·         Breast Elevators
·         Hooks
·         Hemostats
·         Breast Retractors
All instruments found in our offer are finely crafted using highest-grade quality German stainless steel. The use of best available materials in the combination with the state-of-the-art technological production process, results in highly reliable, well-made, sturdy and durable surgical instruments.  The instruments come individually packed in stainless steel boxes. They are fully reusable and can be sterilized at 134 degrees for 20 minutes. New-Med Instruments guarantees one year for all instruments against manufacturing defects and offer free replacements / repairs.