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Miller Speed Harvester, Six Port Spiral Harvester Cannula With Fixed Handle, Reusable & AutoClavable!
Exceptional Quality Six Port Spiral Harvester Cannula With Fixed Aluminium Light Weight Handle, Shaf..
Stevens Speed Liposuction Cannula With Fixed Handle ( Reusable & Autoclavable)
Exceptional Quality Steven Speed Cannula With Fixed Aluminium light weight handle & Shaft Made O..
Stevens Speed Luer Lock Cannula ( reusable & autoClavable)
Exceptional Quality Steven Speed Luer Lock Cannula developed by world-renowned Netherlands surgeon, ..
Tapered Tip speed Liposuction Cannula (Reusable & AutoClavable)
Tapered Tip speed Liposuction CannulaShaft Made of German Stainless Steel ! Reusable Cannula with Li..
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