New Med Instruments have a range of ear forceps for use during otology procedures including ear forceps with thumb manipulation for a more precise hold

Bellucci Ear Forceps, 8mm serrated jaws, Stainless Steel
New Med Ear Forceps, 8mm serrated jaws. Length of shaft 75mm. Overall length: 135mm, 5.3 inches...
Duckbill Ear Forceps, Extra flat, 8mm serrated jaw, rounded tip, Stainless Steel
New Med Duckbill Ear Forceps ! Exceptional Quality Extra flat. 8mm serrated jaw with round..
Fuller ear prosthesis holding forceps 0.8x6mm 7.5cm Shaft
Exceptional Quality Fuller ear prosthesis forceps. For holding and inserting stapedial prothesis of ..
Goodhill Ear Alligator Forceps, Straight, delicate 6mm serrated jaws, 135mm
Goodhill Ear Alligator Forceps straight delicate 6mm serrated jaws 76mm shaft\ 135mm ..
Greven ear grasping forceps, Stainless Steel, 3 x 1mm, 70mm shaft
Exceptional Quality Greven ear grasping forceps Made of German Stainless Steel Reusable ! For the re..
Hartmann Ear Alligator Forceps
New Med Hartmann Alligator Forceps are an ENT instrument Made of J2 304 German Stainless Steel co..
Hartmann Ear Dressing Forceps, 13.5cm Length 60mm Working Length
Exceptional Quality Hartman Ear Dressing Forceps 13.5cm Long with 6cm Working Length " Made of ..
Hartmann-Wullstein Ear Cup Forceps, Straight,
Exceptional Qualtiy Hartmann-Wullstein Ear Cup Forceps, Straight, ..
Kerrison Mastoid Rongeur, Stainless Steel, 240mm Shaft
Exceptional Quality Kerrison Rongeur 240mm Shaft Made of German Stainless Steel ! Reusable ! Buy Now..
Lempert Malleus Forceps, 11.5cm, 4 1/2 Inches Stainless Steel
Exceptional Quality Lempert Malleus Forceps, 11.5cm, 4 1/2 Inches Made of German Stainless Steel ! R..
Lucae Ear Dressing Forceps, 14cm
Exceptional Qualtiy Lucae Ear Dressing Forceps, 14cm..
Micro Dieter malleus punches ( Ear Forceps ) 8cm ( 80mm ) Shaft Length
Exceptional Quality Dieter Malleus Punches Micro Ear Forceps 8cm Shaft Length ! chisel edged, 1..
Micro Ear Forceps, 5mm finely serrated jaws, Stainless Steel, 136mm, 5.4 inches
Micro Ear Forceps, Stainless Steel 5mm finely serrated jaws. Length of shaft 74mm. Overall length: 1..
Troeltsch-Wilde Ear Dressing Forceps 12cm
Exceptional Quality Troeltsch-Wilde Ear Dressing Forceps, 12cm..
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